Songs From our Young Project by Bobby Lee
The What ?

The coming together of Young Creators and Music Producer Bobby Lee to share information and discover ways of perceiving the world through Vibrational eyes and to put them perspectives into song.  The Songs are then Produced  and Recorded to a very high standard for release on all digital platforms..

The how ? –

Each day Bobby meets with Young  Creators on the South EastEnd of Ireland .The space is a free zone for young people to come create and express themselves through music , woodcraft and play.

The Why ?

To feel good and have fun and to walk side by side with the new generation and share their clarity and enthusiasm as we bring in a new earth 

We do most of our Recordings at Claycastle Studios Youghal a Top Notch Recording facility in the Metropolis of Youghal Bay  . The project is about the process rather than the end result the joy being in the journey . 
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                                 Kika is Deep Wise and Breaking the Rules this is a piece of her new song ' Open heart ' Coming Soon  ..

Pathwayz Released ~Nov 2019 


We began recording Roots 3 during the Halloween break 2013. We spent a week with 3 to 4 bands or acts everyday to get the core of each track recorded. Throughout the year, as funds came in , we added other instruments into the mix. Roots 3 was engineered and recorded by John Burke at Claycastle Studios Youghal and features The Roots backing band at this time Conor Sloane on drums and Leo Mullane on bass.

Roots 2 is a 13-track album of music and songs recorded by the participants of the 2012 Y Factor Music Showcase in Youghal. Often emotionally charged and delightful in equal turn, the album features young artists showcasing wide and varied gifts in vocal dexterity and musicianship, boasting highly inventive versions of classics and three stand alone original recordings.

Recorded and engineered by John Burke at Claycastle recording studios Youghal with production, arrangement and additional instruments coming through Bobby Lee

The first of the Roots Catolog recorded in 2010 at Claycastle Studios all them heads all that fun all that music.At this time we had a music club in a local youth center where we gathered every Thursday night to write , video , play and plan the the journey towards the Album .

Recorded at a day care center in Midleton Co Cork .Bobby and brother Fergal spent a year every monday at the center with group in workshops and on years end decided they'd record the tracks as Songlines , that they had come to love and sing most weeks.The Staff also got involved in the process an sang a few.The recording was done on location in Day care center by Laurence White with additions added in at Laurence studio in Bandon

Recorded by Laurence White

Musicians are
Bobby Lee
Fergal lee
Laurence White
Songlines group and staff
Cover art Margaret Daly

1999 On arriving back in Youghal after years spent in Cork city I met with a wonderful sister and missionary Pat Mc Mahon .I began helping her out in a shop she ran to support  people both in her own hometown  and overseas most notably the West Indies where she spent time . In light of the work of Pat I decided to put Trust together to shed light on it all and also bring attention to the fine talent in Youghal . Trust is collection of Original songs from some of Youghals finest musicians and writers I could gather to me at that time

Produced by bobby lee
Recorded by Warren Tivy
Mixed by Tivy & Lee