'There is no Power greater than what you are giving Power to '

Released January 4 2020... A song about love gone right

Songs From our Young Project by Bobby Lee
The What ?

The coming together of Young Creators and Music Producer Bobby Lee to share information and discover ways of perceiving the world through Vibrational eyes and to put them perspectives into song.  The Songs are then Produced  and Recorded to a very high standard for release on all digital platforms..

The how ? –

Each day Bobby meets with Young  Creators on the South EastEnd of Ireland .The space is a free zone for young people to come create and express themselves through music , woodcraft and play.

The Why ?

To feel good , inspire  fun and to walk side by side with the new generation and share their clarity and enthusiasm as we bring in a new earth 

We do most of our Recordings at Claycastle Studios Youghal a Top Notch Recording facility in the Metropolis of Youghal Bay  . 

The project is about the process rather than the end result the joy being in the journey . 

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What it means to those involved with Bobby
Luciana starting taking lessons from Bobby only a couple of months ago... and from the get go she was engaging in creativity... be it woodwork, guitar, singing, songwriting, piano, football or munching goodies from the fridge.... she was given freedom to lead the way with the support and guidance from a very special teacher. Her confidence has boomed in this scenario where there are no judgments and expectations.... Its been an absolute pleasure to see her progress here, with a smile on her face running in the door for her hour at Bob Central
Aran We are very gratful to have Bobby as a guitar and carpentry teacher to our son Aran who is 8. Aran loves going to Bobby and always looks forward to the next lesson. He offers high vibration and quality time to our son. When I asked Aran why does he like Bobby's lessons he answered " Because Bobby is a great teacher, I love learning guitar and carpentry with him, he takes care of me and we have a great fun!
Holly - I met with with Bobby first when I was only 13 years old. I was very shy and found it so so tough to come out of my comfort zone at that age you are only trying to find your self well for me and my journey in self love and finding my true identity music was a big part of that. The first recording I had done was when I was only 13 in the youth cafe in Youghal along with a few young people from Bnunscoil. From then on my self esteem and confidence began to grow when Bobby had become a friend to me and see something in me that I found hard to see myself which was a talent for singing and songwriting. He helped me dive into deeper elements of my emotions and piece myself back together with the art of song writing. I had then started to do a few gigs with Bobby along with the roots gang. In those moments I felt happiness and support from a family of other music lovers like myself. It was from Bobby that helped me to see my talent and grow and love what I do. It was thanks to Bobby that I am now still currently growing from music 6 years later.

Danny King Friday is one of my favorite days of the week . After school on a Friday I go for guitar lessons with my guitar teacher Bobby. Bobby teaches me in a shed.This might sound strange,but its not the kind of shed you'd find in a back garden.No - this shed is like a small bungalow.The shed is a light grey shade and has about six or seven windows.The roof is made of corrugated iron.The door is white with large glass pane in the center.The shed is separated into two rooms.One is the tool room and the other is a a more decorated and casual room .
When you come in you walk into the tool room.The tool room, as you may have already figured out , holds many tools.There are millions of tools hung up on the wall and if you needed a tool, any tool , you would probably find it there.Bobby also has lots of spray paint cans - about twenty boxes worth.On the walls that surround the shed, Bobby has spray painted positive things to make you feel good when you’re having tough day.One of the phrases spray painted on the wall is “Ive seen the dark, its very bright”. This makes me feel that there is always light in times of darkness, which fills me with hope.
When you go through the next door, you enter the room where we play guitar.There are no light bulbs in there because he HATES wasting energy.Instead, he uses Christmas lights.I think this is great because it uses less energy , which is good for the environment. Bobby has made cup hangers and shelves out of pallets. He loves up-cycling and despises throwing things out. If he has anything you can reuse, he’ll make something out of it.
Bobby is very interested in our self-consciousness , which is how your thoughts connect to the world.Sometimes he likes to make yup his own sayings.One of his sayings includes “I'm made of the energy that creates worlds”. He gave me this saying in a picture frame which I keep on a shelf in my room.Bobby loves tea.He will l drink almost any tea, but his favorite is peppermint.Oh , and I should of mentioned earlier , he is very good at playing guitar.He could probably play any song you could think of.
Bobby has these biscuits called ‘Narnas’ but because my little brother has heard of The Narnia Chronicles”, he calls them ‘Narnia’s’.... as far as I know, the land of Narnia is not a yummy biscuit! Bobby also loves woodwork and normally makes stuff out of pallets...oh , I already said that .... sorry! Often when I to his shed it can turn out to be more than just a guitar lesson.Sometimes we just GO CRAZY with a hot glue gun and chunks of wood ! For example , one week we made paddle boats out of lollypop sticks and elastic band.It was awesome!
On my dads phone, I asked Goggle what inspiration means.Google replied that inspiration means to be “mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative”. Bobby is an inspiration to me because he makes me think differently about the world and do creative things.I wish Friday would come quicker - I can’t wait for my next guitar lesson !!!
Gosia Michey
Teachers like bobby are very few. And it’s not me who you teach but I can tell as you give my daughter more than music lessons. You teaches her the power of music. Your unwavering attention and guidance expanded in Julia’s love to music, art and poetry. It actually impacts the whole family and we are very appreciative for this. You have been instrumental in instilling the importance of music and art in our lives! I always knew music is important and makes this world a better place but without you I wouldn’t be able to share the essence of it with Julia. You made it complete Bobby and I thank you very much. It has been amazing few years of Julia’s music growth and we are blessed having you by her side in that journey.

PATHWAYZ by  Julia Michey

Whats Inside by Erin Ahern

Raelee by Holly Hennessy 




Recorded at a day care centre in Midleton Co Cork .

Bobby and brother Fergal spent a year every monday at the center with the group working the songs into place and on years end decided they'd record the tracks as the Songlines , songsthat they had come to love and sing most weeks.The Staff also got involved in the process an sang a few.The recording was done on location in Day care center by Laurence White with additions added in at Laurence studio in Bandon Recorded by Laurence White Musicians are Bobby Lee Fergal lee Laurence White Songlines group and staff Cover art Margaret Daly

1999 On arriving back in Youghal after years spent in Cork city I met with a wonderful sister and missionary Pat Mc Mahon .I began helping her out in a shop she ran to support  people both in her own hometown  and overseas most notably the West Indies where she spent time . In light of the work of Pat I decided to put Trust together to shed light on it all and also bring attention to the fine talent in Youghal . Trust is collection of Original songs from some of Youghals finest musicians and writers I could gather to me at that time

Produced by bobby lee
Recorded by Warren Tivy
Mixed by Tivy & Lee